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Getting back to the basics – Recharging and Refocusing

There is no shortage of articles out there about how to sell in the “new normal,” a phrase that a majority of my team and I despise hearing. I wanted to create something that wasn’t surrounding the pandemic, but this is something obviously hard to ignore. Quarter two has been a difficult time for many organizations. However, it has forced me to try to take a new approach that will help when things get back to the way they used to be. Below are my five biggest takeaways and things that should be done regardless of the times.

  1. Priorities This should not be shocking news but, what is most important to you is not usually the main focus of coworkers and clients. This however has forced me to ask that question. What can I do to help? It’s an easy question and I’ve used it before, but if you really dive into what others’ priorities are you will get a lot further in your relationships.
  2. Do the Research – Things may be a little slower or at a faster pace depending on your vertical. This has allowed me to refocus on the big picture. Take the time and find out what is the most important thing to your customers. Every business has changed, and doing the research on an account, reading news articles, mapping out the organization, introducing yourself to meaningful new contacts will only help in the long run and build credibility as their trusted partner.
  3. Face-to-face – No one likes to look at their face for an hour on a Zoom or Skype call focusing on every move you make. With my territory being the West Coast, I would always try to be onsite to get face-to-face interaction. However, I never would show video on a webcam during a presentation or call. Now I open it up regardless if the client does or not. Having my webcam on this brings up a number of conversations that I never realized could happen and I want them to know I’m not just a voice talking through a PowerPoint.
  4. Get up and move At Mindset we created a Slack channel for everyone to post their workout goals for the week. I’ve always been someone who has enjoyed working out, but with no gym to go to, I’ve started to run more. It’s amazing how taking 30 minutes away from the screen to get some fresh air can help me be more efficient and focused when I get back.
  5. Empathy – everyone is having their own challenges. A newborn, two parents working from home, no daycare, etc. This has brought a new sense of forced comfort during calls and meetings. It used to be absolutely terrifying that my two-year-old son or golden retriever would make noise in the background, now it’s a topic of conversation that everyone is working through and laughing at. I love that this forces people to take their guard down a little and realize we are all in the same boat.

Nothing here is earth-shattering, but it has been great to channel my focus on areas that I never thought of or may have taken a back seat over the years.


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Luke Grow focuses on Mindset's solutions sales efforts for the western part of the US. He has worked selling solutions sales for 11 years and loves helping customers meet their goals. In his spare time he enjoys golfing and spending time with his family.

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