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Five Reasons Why You should take the Leap into SAP Consulting

It’s never been a better time to get into contracting if you’re an SAP professional. More people every year are leaving their full-time jobs and taking the leap into contracting. In a recent study published by Upwork, the majority of the U.S. workforce will be freelance by 2027.

SAP consulting can be a lucrative career and the majority of people that I have talked to, who made the switch from full-time toSAP Consulting consultant, were happy. That said, being an independent consultant is not for everyone, with some people loving their full-time job. However, if you’ve been considering breaking out of the traditional 9-5 lifestyle here are five reasons why you should consider taking the leap into SAP consulting.

Gain Experience

By becoming an independent contractor you get the opportunity to work in a variety of different roles, industries, and environments. With each new contract, comes new challenges and opportunities to gain more experience. As a result, your skill-set and experience typically will progress faster as an independent consultant than if you stay in a full-time position.

Financial Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a contractor is the amount of money you can make. SAP contractors (SAP consulting) are compensated highly due to their in-demand skill set and an increasing demand for SAP talent in the market.

Typical hourly contractor rates can double that of a full-time employee, or even more. You can reduce your overall tax burden and take home more pay by opening up a Corp-Corp or 1099. For specific advice based on your situation, be sure to consult your tax professional.

Grow Your Network

Working as an independent contractor at different companies also helps to grow your network. As the number of contracts you work increases, the more your network can expand along with the opportunity you have to build long lasting relationships with managers and colleagues. It’s especially important as an independent contractor to build your network as the more people you know, the more leads you can generate to find your next opportunity.

Flexibility in Your Work

Flexibility in your work comes with being your own boss. As a SAP contractor, you have the freedom to choose when you want to work your next contract and for how long. In addition, also have the choice of choosing what type of project you want to work on. Remote work and 40-hour work weeks are other benefits you can look forward to when it comes to consulting.

Latest Technologies

Most SAP professionals want to work with the latest SAP technologies including S/4. You may wait a while for that chance if you’re in a full-time role with a company who doesn’t plan to implement S/4 until the last second. By going independent you have the freedom and flexibility to go after opportunities where you have the chance to work with the latest technologies.

Going the route of an SAP consultant can be very hard work, but if you have the drive, discipline, and passion to create your own career, it can be highly rewarding. I hope these reasons help you in deciding about which direction you want to take in your career and if the life of a consultant is right for you.

Have you ever worked as an Independent Contractor? What was your experience and do you have any suggestions for others who may be considering it? I would love to hear your feedback or if you have any additional reasons. Please email me at


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Austin Kessler has been with Mindset as a Sr. SAP Recruiter since December of 2018, but overall, has 5+ years of recruiting mid-high level ERP professionals. He really enjoys building Mindset Consulting’s network with talented SAP professionals and connecting companies with the best SAP talent based on skillset and culture. While attending Abilene Christian University, Austin played football and was a 4-year letterman. Outside of work, he enjoys mountain biking, hiking, traveling, football, reading, and hanging out with family and friends!

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