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First Time working remotely or from Home?!!

Working from home and remote work opportunities are becoming more common and for some, this shift represents a huge change from their normal work life.  Many people believe that working from home, or not working in an office, will make them more effective and productive, but for most, ensuring that outcome requires a strategy. With more distractions, and no one to keep an eye on what you’re doing, people can slip into bad habits. Here are few tips for people that are new to working from home, and who are looking for help in adapting to this new work style.

1. Pretend like you’re going into the office

The mental association you make between work and an office can make you more productive, and there’s no reason that feeling should be lost when telecommuting. When working from home, do all the things you’d do to prepare for an office role: Set your alarm, get coffee, and wear nice clothes. Internet browsers like Google Chrome even allow you to set up multiple accounts with different toolbars on the top so you can have a toolbar for home and a separate toolbar for work.

2. You don’t need to just work from HOME

Being at home and working there can sometimes ruin the comfort of your home. If you work in your living room, you will start to associate your living room with work, which will then ruin your downtime in that space. Try working from a coffee shop, a co-office such as we work, or set up a hotspot and work in a park, the options are endless.

3. Work hours

Most remote roles allow you to work flexible hours, as long as you get the work done or work 8 hours a day. Make sure you set a definitive work schedule so that you stay on track and have a time to keep you accountable. For some people, they might not start work till noon and for others, they want to get the work done in the morning, so they have their evenings free. That’s a great part about working remotely is that you can sometimes choose your own schedule around the times we feel most productive!

4. Keep in touch

Working alone can get very lonely after a period of time. Make sure to schedule calls or recurring check in meetings with coworkers and your boss. Try and make them video calls so you can get some face to face time with your co-workers; this will allow you to feel more a part of a team and get to know each other.  People work harder and feel valued when they feel like they’re a part of something, plus human interaction is good for you!



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Ian Rockers is a Sr. SAP Recruiter, connecting with top, local SAP professionals daily and staying on top of current market trends and career opportunities in the Twin Cities. With years of recruiting experience prior to joining Mindset, he has always valued helping others find their dream job. What he enjoys most about his role is building relationships with SAP professionals and getting to talk them through both their personal and professional goals. Outside of work, Ian loves to travel and to experience different cultures. Although he graduated from the University of WI Eau Claire, he remains an avid MN sports fan. In fact, Ian hasn’t missed a Vikings game yet! He also loves watching and attending Wolves and Wild games.

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