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Fiori Tab Strip

Fiori Tab Strip
Look at the ugly Tab Strip

This Tab Strip seems to make its way into most standard SAP Fiori apps, such as the Retail Product Look Up app: Look Up Retail Products

I have 3 issues with the Icon Tab Strip:

  1. One icon always seems to be taken up by “Information”, which is 1/3 of the available screen real-estate.
  2. There is only room for 2 more icons, or else the dreaded scrolling bar appears.
  3. Clicking an icon that is already open, closes the details below it. Why would you ever want that closed?

I believe that in a mobile app, vertical scrolling is always preferred to horizontal. Let me instead suggest:

  • If you have header information, just put it in the header at the top.
  • If you have several sections (and multiple apps doesn’t make sense), then this layout may work better: Object Page.
  • (The Object Page also suffers from some tab issues, but hoping to fix those with CSS)
  • Just use a segmented button instead of Icon Tab Strip.

This looks better:

Object page screen shot
Like the scrolling action!



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