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Mindset DevOps Roundtable: Online Event

December 3 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Our next installment of DevOps Roundtable will be hosted Online! Register now  

About this Event

Interested in SAP DevOps? You are invited to a online networking event hosted by Mindset. This Zoom event will be focused on helping individuals and organizations who want to share their experiences and learn more about best practices in DevOPs within SAP development environments.

DevOps Roundtable 2020:  December Topic and Agenda

We’re excited to invite you to participate in the DevOps day event for Thursday, December 3. This event is focused on managers, senior managers, and development leads who work at least in part on introducing DevOps concepts into SAP organizations. This time around we’re going to focus even more on conversation between participants, giving space to share your thoughts, experiences, and strategies and learn from those of your peers. We’ve had some great connections between practitioners spring out of DevOps Day conversations and look forward to more from this one!

The Theme for December will be Cycle Time

In December, our focus for the DevOps roundtable will be cycle time. There are a huge number of cyclical processes involved in DevOps and many key metrics measure or are proxies for cycle time, including canonical metrics like Mean Time To Recovery, and Lead Time for Changes, and Deployment Frequency. This roundtable will focus on the key metrics you use and different techniques for shortening cycle times. We’ll also talk about issues specific to SAP platforms, processes, and development organizations that can work against shortening cycle times, and techniques for managing those challenges.

Key questions to consider before the roundtable:

  • What kind of cycles do I have in my development process?
  • What cycles are most onerous, have the lowest ROI, or are things we feel we have to do because of technical limitations?
  • What is the fastest we can go from code to production? Average? Median? How does this differ by platform, language, and team?
  • What do our Dev/Test cycles look like? What is the fastest a developer can see their work in a realistic environment? What is the fastest a developer can get feedback on their work? How quickly and reliably does a developer get feedback on a broken build?
  • What priority do issues have in my organization when they impact cycle times?
  • On what cycles do we do a really good job keeping them tight with high cadence? What is special about these cycles?

The DevOps Roundtable is a free-flowing conversation between SAP practitioners hosted by Mindset Consulting. While we provide the platform, conversation starters, and insight from our experience, the conversation is meant to be for SAP practitioners and those who manage SAP teams and processes. Therefore, we keep formal presentations to an absolute minimum to provide ample time for discussion.


Ethan Jewett

Jon Bragg

Paul Modderman

Andy Prier



We have a 1.5 hour agenda scheduled. Based on observation of the previous DevOps Day and participant feedback, we will minimize presentation time and maximize discussion. The format will be open discussion in a round-robin format punctuated by prompts and surveys to drive the discussion topics and keep discussion lively.

  • Welcome
  • Brief Introductions (round robin)
  • Statement of 1st topic 
  • Open discussion
  • Break / Survey
  • Survey Results & 2nd Topic Statement
  • Open discussion
  • Survey and discussion continues
  • Survey results and open discussion
December 3: 10 am-11:30 am CST


Registration is now Open! HERE

Hosted by:Ethan Jewett
Solution Owner, Custom Development @Mindset

Ethan Jewett is an experienced and innovative SAP developer and technical architect. He is focused on improving development practices and developer capabilities in organizations he works with, while delivering successful projects. Ethan is an SAP Mentor and recognized expert in the SAP ecosystem. He writes on SearchSAP, the Mindset blog, and elsewhere, and speaks at SAP and non-SAP conferences.



December 3
10:00 am - 11:30 am





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