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In April, I joined an amazing organization named Mindset in India as the HR & Operations Lead. Everything seemed so perfect on the day I joined. My workplace, my role, and my colleagues, all which reinforced that I had made right decision in joining this organization. 

Later, during my orientation,  I was given a book “WHAT THE HECK IS EOS?” by Gino Wickman & Tom Bouwer. Title of the book seemed catchy to me and after a couple of weeks I planned to have roundtable sessions based on this book. When I started reading the book then I realised there are a lot of processes that can be made simple if we follow EOS methodology.

What is EOS?

If you have asked me this question a month ago, my answer would have been “NO IDEA.” But Now?

EOS is an Entrepreneurial Operating System which focuses on organizing human energy. It is the way that the people in the organization meet, solve problems, plan priorities, follow processes, communicate, measure structure, clarify roles, lead and manage. It helps companies grow to achieve their vision and goals more effectively.

The EOS model has 6 key components which Mindset in India follows. Each component has different and simple tools.

During our roundtable sessions I understood Mindset in India is a happy place to work where employees are clear about their vision. Every individual is working effectively to deliver their project by following Agile methodology and continuously enhancing their skills. They segregate their long-term goals  into 90 days rocks to have a clear picture. Additionally, this also helps in achieving both performance goals and individual development goals. People also understand their responsibilities at each level, and are aware about being accountable.

Based on employees inputs, our rocks for 2021 at Mindset in India will be recruiting the right people with the right skills at the right time based on the project need and striking a balance between performance goals and development goals at all levels.

We at Mindset India determine to establish, grow, develop, adapt to change as per client need. We determin to make SAP beautiful for all the people out there.


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Bhargavi oversees HR & Delivery Operations for Mindset in India. Following
9+ years experience in various Human Resource fields like recruiting, process standardisation,employee’s orientation, learning & development and stakeholder management. She uses her knowledge to implement policies and processes at different levels of organization.

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