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Don’t miss these upcoming Mindset Events!

The fall season is busy at Mindset!  We have a TON of upcoming events and we want you to know about them. Here are a few of my favorites that you will not want to miss: 

November 5, 12 noon: Mindset Webinar: Mindset’s EWM Implementation Services, Team, and Outcomes:

Attendees will leave with an understanding of the speed, cost, complexity, and variables inherent in an EWM implementation and insight into using Mindset as an EWM partner.  Learn more or register HERE

November 14, 11:00 am: Mindset Webinar: Bridging the DevOps Gap in ABAP and Hybrid Cloud Landscapes: 

Learn how organizations approach the DevOps principles of collaboration, communication, automation, tooling, resiliency, and transparency in SAP landscapes – both on-premise ABAP and hybrid cloud. Learn more or register HERE

November 21, at 11 am: Mindset Hands-On Webinar: Cloud Platform, Portal Website, and Fiori Application: 

Learn how to publish your own Fiori Launchpad Website using the SAP Cloud Platform Portal. We will create a Fiori Launchpad, deploy an SAP UI5 application and publish it to the Internet. No Coding skills required . Register HERE

November 22, at 9 am:  AppHaus Friday Special Event: SAP DevOps Session and Round Table:

Interested in SAP DevOps? You are invited to a FREE half day event hosted by Mindset in the Minneapolis SAP Apphaus. This event is intended for individuals and organizations who want to share their experiences and learn more about best practices in DevOPs within SAP development environments. Learn more or register HERE.

We also have a Mindset Monthly Newsletter that we send out to keep you up to date with events and all things SAP.  subscribe on our website below and stay informed! Go HERE 



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