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The DemoJam Journey – The Last Mile

TechEd 2023 is finally upon us. Less than a week to go, and our DemoJam team is busy putting the final touches to their presentation. In this last mile, the team is going all out to prepare and not leaving any stone unturned.
I took this opportunity to catch up with them one last time before the demo to get their perspective on their DemoJam journey so far.

K: Thanks for speaking with me again, Ravi and Vikas. There are only three days to go for the big day. I want to jog your memory to your first sync with SAP. What was the walk-through like?

V: The first walk-through with SAP was more suggestive in tone. We showed Craig mock screens of our demo, and he took us through the basic dos and don’ts of the final presentation. He gave us some guidelines on the presentation content and took us through general expectations from each team.

R: The entire SAP team has been incredibly supportive throughout this DemoJam journey. Each interaction with them was enlightening and very encouraging.

K: What were some of the advice they offered? Did anything resonate especially?

R: Oh yes! They offered us much advice throughout this journey, such as not including videos, slides, or animation. Our demo should stand firm on its own. It should focus on real-world problems to be realistic and feasible.

V: Craig gave us very valuable advice in the scripting stage as well. He gave us helpful tips to make the script flow naturally, along with gestures and expressions. He advised against having a lengthy introduction and suggested we jump into the demo almost immediately. The demo should be able to hold the audience’s attention from the beginning till the end.

K: And did that lead you to rethink what you were doing?

R: Yes, it did! Craig’s expert advice caused us to rethink our presentation completely. We refined our script based on his suggestions, and now we feel that the script is in good shape.

K: Are you happier with the demo now? What ended up being the most valuable piece of advice during this entire journey?

V: We feel very confident about our demo now. None of this would have been possible without the advice of our DemoJam mentors within Mindset, which included ex-DemoJammers as well, and the immense hard work of our DemoJam team. The advice to jump into the demo directly and continuous rehearsal sessions with DemoJam experts has shaped the presentation to what it is today.

K: TechEd is later this week. How are you feeling?

R: We are very excited to share our solution with the large audience at TechEd. It’s a matter of pleasure and pride for us to share the stage with the other teams and be a part of one of the most awaited tech events of this year. In addition to DemoJam, we will be attending different sessions and looking forward to a lot of learning.

K: Excellent! We can’t wait to see you both up on stage. Have a great TechEd! All the best!


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