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The DemoJam Journey: Ideation – Design Phase

TechEd 2023 is less than a month away. I thought this would be a perfect time to pop in and check on the progress our team is making in conceptualizing and designing their innovative food app. 

Ravi and Vikas, along with their large team, are hard at work building an app that could change our fine dining experience. I connected with Mindset’s DemoJam duo to see how their journey has been so far.


K: So, I hear you already have a name for your app! How did you go about selecting the name for your app?

R: At Mindset, most projects are preceded by a Design Thinking process. And building the DemoJam app has been no different. We started with a Design Thinking session and arrived at the name through a purely collaborative and engaging process.


K: Tell me more about the Design Thinking process. How did it go?

V: Oh, it went very well. The workshop was a great start to the project for the team. We navigated through the different stages of Design Thinking: Understand, Observe, Point of View, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. After several iterations of prototyping, we agreed on a final prototype for development.


K: Were there any unexpected adjustments to the app that evolved from the design phase?

V: Yes, quite a few adjustments were made to the original concept of the app. The Design Thinking workshop was a collaborative exercise between our UX designers and the technical team. This, and the feedback from Katherine Kenneally and Craig Cmehil (The SAP DemoJam co-ordinators), went a long way in shaping the app as it stands today.


K: What kind of feedback have you received from Craig and Katherine so far?

R: Their feedback and suggestions have been constructive so far. Their guidance through this process has helped us shape our entire presentation of the app. They have been instrumental in keeping us on track through this whole process. This being our first TechEd and DemoJam, their advice and feedback have been very helpful and encouraging.


K: Before I leave you to continue your work, what are you enjoying most about this process?

R: We have been having a blast exploring new technologies. This app utilizes the latest and most advanced technology available to us today. Working on new areas in BTP – low-code/no-code (Build Apps), Build Process Automation, HANA Cloud, Generative AI, SAP Mobile Start – has been fascinating, and each day, we realize the endless possibilities available to us today through these technologies.

V: I have also enjoyed the overall process from the beginning. We set it up as a real-time project with a proper team, including a Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Developers, just like we would do on client projects. 


K: That’s great, boys! Thanks for speaking with me. I will return in a few days to see how the app is shaping up. All the best!



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Kamalika is our Content Lead based out of Mindset’s Bangalore office. She has over 18 years of experience in creating content for Technology and also has experience in the field of quantitative market research for global consumer brands.
She is passionate about travel and animals. When not writing, you will find her planning her next travels or whipping up something exotic with her daughters in the kitchen.

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