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Coding with the Next Generation


Recently, Mindset has had the opportunity to partner with Twin Cities International Elementary School to put on their first coding club. When the opportunity presented itself to work with a local (literally, blocks away) elementary school to teach coding, our dev team jumped at the chance.

Twice a week, for four weeks, Mike Berg, Paul Modderman, Shinjan Sengupta and a cast of others trekked over to the elementary school ready to teach coding. Using Scratch methodology, and some great resources put together by MIT, the Mindsetters partnered with a group of second, third, and fourth-grade students.

Throughout the class, our students have taken the beginning steps to learning how to code. We’re trying to set a foundation of patience, curiosity, innovation and creativity. Throughout the weeks, we’ve been thrilled to watch as students who got immediately frustrated on day one are now excited and ready to take chances and try new approaches.

Mindset has truly enjoyed this partnership and looks forward to more community partnerships with TIES and others in the future. As a company who values education, creativity, and community, this was a perfect fit.









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