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Enterprises are rapidly moving to cloud computing with Google Enterprise. Mindset’s CloudSimple helps enterprises move quickly along this curve. CloudSimple is the first universal tool integrating back-end SAP data with Google Apps for Business. Google spreadsheets allow you to upload and download SAP data. And it’s all accessible on any device, at work or on the run.

Benefits of CloudSimple


CloudSimple allows teams to share and edit data in real time; across time zones, at work or away, on any device. Documents are secure, easy to share and versionable. By integrating Google Spreadsheets and SAP, CloudSimple allows data to interoperate in multiple formats.


CloudSimple has tools to connect with any type of SAP data. You can search from hundreds of data types, add and remove fields, and do in-line validation to ensure data integrity. Documents are secure, easy to share and version, and collaboration can be real-time.


To secure SAP data, we created CloudSimple with security using SSL. We use the the power of Google security and SAP security to keep your data safe. Security is always part of our Mindset.

See it in Action

Sample View SAP Business Partners in Google Sheets

Watch this video and learn how CloudSimple makes viewing your business partners from SAP easy in Google Sheets.

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