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Choosing One Session a Day for SAPPHIRE 2018


Sapphire is just around the corner and it is that time… time to comb through the session list. Nothing builds the anticipation like reading through nearly 2000 possible sessions you can attend. Curating that one that sticks out each day, was a difficult challenge, but here they are:

ASUG12161 Interactive Influence: Make blockchain mainstream for complex transactions 2:00 – 3:00 PM
ASUG HUB – Influence B Theater (Show Floor)
Blockchain promises to simplify, accelerate and lower the cost for complex transactions by providing a trustable and neutral ledger for all participating parties. For the wide acceptance, there are non-technical prerequisites like legal or standards In this session we discuss what has to happen to make blockchain mainstream for complex transactions

I chose this session because Blockchain is coming to the Enterprise, ready or not, and Influencing sessions can be fun. If you haven’t gone to one before, I highly recommend it. It is a low barrier to entry where to speak with the Product Manager, Program Director and Product Expert in one shot and you can get ideas about what everyone else wants to see happen with Blockchain Services. If the word “Blockchain” means nothing to you, then know it is about creating secure transactions that are unimpeachable, while eliminating any third party to broker the transaction. Check out my blog 10 Blockchain Ideas for Enterprises if you want to learn more or scratch the surface on Blockchain.

BA60690 Turbocharge Lockbox Processing with Machine Learning-Based Cash Application 2:30 – 2:50 PM
Business Applications BA302
Optimize working capital and deliver continuous efficiency improvements to your accounts receivable processes. See how SAP Cash Application software automates reconciliation challenges and improves lockbox processing by leveraging machine learning.

To be honest, this one is mostly my professional curiosity. There has been a lot of hype about this Cash Application for a while now. Be aware, this is strictly for the S/4 HANA crowd has a system that is cutting edge and who can (or want to) play in the cloud with SAP’s Machine Learning services. Everyone else has to wait until your migration project is completed and your Cybersecurity team signs off on SAP’s Cloud Connector and that fun stuff. Then you are well on your way to utilizing all SAP’s Machine Learning services to “Turbocharge your lockboxes”.

LE61834 Achieve Farm-to-Fork Transparency and Trust with SAP Leonardo 11:00 – 11:20 PM
SAP Leonardo and Future Technologies LE522
Deliver safe, traceable food and minimize recalls by gaining full transparency and genealogy across the farm-to-consumer continuum. Reduce waste and improve the operations of consumer products manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers with SAP Cloud Platform, along with SAP Leonardo Blockchain and SAP Leonardo Internet of Things capabilities.

This session seems amazing and plays off of something we all can get behind. Safe food, that you know where it came from. Ever wondered where that Tilapia on your fish tacos came from? Maybe, we could use blockchain to track the origin of our food and trace its journey (through IoT sensors?) from the farm that cultivated it to the person who ultimately ate it.


One last honorable mention. Mindset’s Jonathan Bragg has a great presentation about how Patterson Dental, embraced Design Thinking and created an amazing UX for their Field Sales team.
Check it out! ASUG11232 – Patterson’s Story of Creating a Great UX Using Design Thinking We still have openings to Book an Architect.
Have a great conference and come find us at 1414C or any of these locations at SAPPHIRE
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