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Exploring the capabilities of ChatGPT in SAP Ecosystem

The blend of AI into ERP is going wild these days, as organizations are looking for ways to enhance productivity, improve customer experience, and streamline operations. OpenAI’s ChatGPT has developed an excellent performance, making it a powerful language model that generates answers in the form of human-like text. Below, we explore the capabilities of ChatGPT in the SAP Ecosystem. 

Connecting to ChatGPT API

  • Create a user account at
  • Once you sign up, you can explore the API documentation, Libraries, Models, Error handling, Security, and Compliances.

SAP Ecosystem

  • Create your API Key by selecting your profile in the top right corner >> ‘View API Keys’.

SAP Ecosystem

  • Click ‘Create new secret key’  as shown in the image below.

  • A new dialog box will appear. Enter the name of your secret key, and then click on the ‘Create Secret Key’ button.

SAP Ecosystem

  • Copy your secret key and keep it safely in your vault. Your secret key has now been generated. In this case, you can see my generated secret key in the image below.

  • Our secret key is ready with us. Now it’s time to test the ChatGPT API. We will need the Postman tool or any other API testing tool for this. Here I am going with the Postman tool.
  • Click on the API Reference tab >> then click the ‘Making Request’ option.
  • Copy the API URL and body as marked in the image and paste the URL and body section into the Postman tool.
  • Select the operation as POST.

SAP Ecosystem

  • In the body object, replace the value of the content property with your query text to ChatGPT. I have put my query text as “Write an email to my manager for a leave request.” See the image below.

SAP Ecosystem

  • In the Authorization tab in Postman, select the authorization type as Bearer Token and paste your secret key in the input box.

SAP Ecosystem

  • Now hit the Send button in the post to run your ChatGPT API. You receive the response in JSON format. Below is my response. 

SAP Ecosystem

Cool! Isn’t it? Give it a try. It’s easy.

This is how we can test and try the ChatGPT API endpoint. You can also use this API directly in any programming language application. In my next blog, I will show how you can integrate your ChatGPT service with SAP.

Happy Learning!


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Ravi Kant a Senior Developer at Mindset. He lives in Bangalore with his wife. He has an overall 7.4 yrs of experience in technology, of which 7 yrs have been spent honing SAPUI5 and Fiori. Ravi Kant specializes in SAPUI5, Fiori (configuration, extension and customization), Javascript, Mobility, UI/UX, SAP BTP (CAPM, Sequelize, Fiori Elements), and OData. Ravi is passionate about technology and enjoys reading blogs on new SAP technology. When he is not working, you will find him watching movies, or drawing.

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