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Challenge to be great!

Here at Mindset, we’re always looking for new ways to give back to the community and cities we live in! It has been a little harder to do so staying socially distant but our colleague, and WaveMaker Awards Finalist for Community Impact, Sarah Lewis came up with a great idea!

We will be playing Community & Wellness Bingo! People that wanted to participate each got a bingo card with different good deeds (volunteering, donating, giving back to others) and work out goals. Each participant has to take a photo or have some proof of completing each challenge which should make for great collage after the challenge is over.

Mindset wants to stand for not only providing its customers and clients with exceptional results, but we want to give back to the city and people of our home communities to make them better places to live and call home

Aaron Brasket

Aaron Brasket is leading account management, client satisfaction, and expansion at Mindset and has recently relocated to Denver, Colorado! He is responsible for creating a remarkable experience for Mindset’s Western clients through Staffing, SAP design and custom development, and SAP implementations. Aaron offers both clients and candidates exceptional
professional service and the most ethical values in executive search. He also really values building and establishing relationships not only with Mindset’s Consulting Services team, but with all clients in the SAP community. When Aaron is not working, you can find him with his girlfriend Kelsey in the great outdoors camping, hiking, fishing, or playing with Doug, their Bernedoodle!

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