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ASUG Tech Connect Agenda for Developers and More

ASUG Tech Connect conference will take place in New Orleans on November 7-9. I’m honored to have an opportunity to present at the event together with SAP Mentor and Mindset alum Paul Modderman. We will be speaking about upskilling and partner relationship subjects.

But I will also be at the event to learn, just like other SAP developers. It can be an overwhelming task to build a personalized conference agenda and make sure you get the best return on the conference investment. Below are my top session picks for SAP developers with some “extra sauce” on the side. 

November 7

10:15 AMBuilding Applications and Extensions with ABAP Cloud. Presented by Andre Fischer from SAP who is well known for excellent blog posts on SAP Community. 

11:00 AMDecoding SAP: An Uncensored Conversation with SAP Experts Jon Reed and Josh Greenbaum. It had me at “uncensored” and it’s another session with great presenters. I’m sure the attendees are in for a treat!

2:00 PMUnderstanding Extensibility with ABAP Cloud for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Private Edition

3:00 PMExplore the Roadmap for SAP Business Technology Platform. I’ve heard SAP BTP is some kind of big deal, so it makes sense to find out where it’s going.

4:20 PMEverything You Always Wanted to Know About SAP Cloud ERP Security. This is not a development-themed session but it’s just 30 minutes and I think would be a worthy addition for any developer. 

November 8

10:15 AM Everything You Need to Know about the ABAP Cloud Programming Language (but didn’t know to ask)

10:15 AMJabil’s SAP S/4HANA Journey. If you’ve already had your fill of ABAP Cloud by this time, I recommend attending this customer session instead. It’s always great to hear real customer stories and it’s what the ASUG event is all about.

11:15 AMThe Future of ABAP Programming. Clear your schedule for this session by SAP Mentor and book author Paul Hardy himself! Get there early, it will be full.

11:45 AMSwipe Right on Deeper Partner Capabilities. I will be hosting this roundtable, so send your manager to us while you attend Paul Hardy’s session.

2:00 PMClean Core: What It Is, Why Do It, and How Do I Get There?

3:00 PMUnderstanding Extensibility with ABAP Cloud for S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition. Note that this is not a repeat of the previous day’s session. This one is about Public Edition, which I’d argue is the only actual Cloud edition.

November 9

10:15 AMLeveraging Event-Driven Architecture with SAP Integration Suite. EDA is all the rage these days, I would recommend attending at least one session about the events.

11:00 AMThe SAP Skillpocalypse: How To Not Become Extinct. This is our big, must-attend presentation, and everyone’s invited. Bring a friend!

1:00 PMDeveloper Productivity with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model and AI

1:00 PMKeeping a Clean Core with the SAP BTP ABAP Environment. This is another customer presentation (from John Deere) and I’m looking forward to hearing about their real life experience.

3:15 PMKeep the Core Clean: Extending your ERP while Maintaining your Agility with SAP BTP

3:30 PMWhy You MUST Make the Time for Continuous Learning – AKA What’s in It for Me? This is a nice “palate cleanser” roundtable to wrap up the event. Meet wonderful Kristen Schaffler from SAP, ASUG enthusiast from my local Carolinas chapter Bob Bucy, and some folks from Steelchase.

Extra sauce

It’s a good idea to expand our tech horizons and learn things that might be outside of our primary expertise. At every event, I try to attend one of those “way out of my zone” sessions. Below are my suggestions for each event day.

November 7

11:15 AMSAP Datasphere Overview, Roadmap, and Strategy. Meet Witalij Rudnicki, SAP Developer Advocate and SAP Mentor alum. If you have any Datasphere or Analytics questions, he’s the one to ask.

1:00 PMDelivering Smooth User Experiences with SAP Solutions. Presented by Peter Spielvogel, known for his informative SAP Community blog posts and User Experience newsletter.

3:30 PMBest Practices for SAP Enterprise Architects. Enterprise Architecture is on the rise and some developers aspire to become architects eventually. This is a good opportunity to learn more.

November 8

2:00 PMSAP Signavio and SAP BTP: A Powerful Combination for Transformation and Continuous Improvement. If you are interested in business process improvement and process mining, this is the session to attend.

November 9

1:00 PMEnabling Innovation with API Management and Graph. API management is an interesting subject that tends to fly under the radar. Read our short story on the subject to see if it piques your interest.

See you at ASUG Tech Connect!


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Jelena Perfiljeva is an Expert SAP Developer at Mindset. She is an experienced SAP generalist with focus in development and system integration. Jelena is an SAP Community influencer and a recipient of many awards, including Member of the Month and Community Hero. She is an international SAP conference speaker and author of the books What on Earth is an SAP IDoc? and ABAP: An Introduction. In her spare time, Jelena enjoys baking and playing Civilization.

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