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My Journey as an Associate Developer at Mindset

Working at Mindset Consulting has been a learning experience for me. As an Associate Developer, I joined Mindset a little over a year ago, on 1st September 2021. This is the first company for me, and I was pleasantly surprised with Mindset’s warm welcome for us. And the experience only got better with time. As a fresher, what impressed me most was the approachable culture at Mindset. I met everyone from different ranks within the organization, and everyone was just as welcoming and encouraging toward me.

Associate Developer

I was experiencing the open culture at Mindset after University was refreshing and very exciting. We were exposed to various tasks, including developing my self-learning skills, leadership skills, taking the initiative, and volunteering for CSR activities – the learning was endless. 

Associate DeveloperGlimpses from our onboarding experience at Mindset

Our onboarding experience was very different from the ones my friends experienced in other companies. We received encouragement to break barriers and speak our minds from the beginning. In the months that followed, we went through extensive training. In the last year, the learning has been steep. I have collaborated with some brilliant people and learned some of the newest technologies the SAP space offers. Fruther, the leadership being as open and approachable as they are, makes it easier for me to speak my mind, present my ideas and take on initiatives without any inhibition. 

Learning at Mindset Consulting

The world of SAP is vast and deep. Its technologies aim at moving businesses to cloud-intelligent enterprises. Now, more than ever, I want to increase my understanding of SAP and business strategy. My training in the initial months at Mindset was extremely in-depth and insightful. My colleagues and I were exposed to ABAP programming, SAP HANA, SAP UI5, and Odata services in SAP. 

During the training, I had a chance to learn these topics while gaining hands-on experience. I was assigned a mentor and a manager who were of enormous help in learning and exploring new things and technologies.

Training boosted my skill level to a degree, but I gained complete confidence only after I worked on an internal project and deployed it. In 3 months at Mindset Consulting, I was assigned an international client and shadowed most of my senior frontend developers.  

Thanks to this particular project, I had the opportunity to learn React.js and Material UI (MUI) and work with the frontend team. I learned how a real-time project works, and upon attending the daily stand-up calls, I assigned tasks related to real-life projects.  

It helped me understand the basis of team building and collaborate or discuss the blockages while working on solutions. It only got better & stronger with the meetings held every day. 

Besides learning the software languages, I upskilled in UX & UI app development in real-time. It is something I wanted to know. This knowledge is a turning point for achieving my future goals. However, not just that. A project requires so many things besides just coding and testing. The implementation stage is just as crucial. It helps me leverage my skills to work on different projects with different requirements where I can gain experience with new technologies and platforms.

Learn & have fun while you work!

Besides work, we had many fun activities throughout the year. Whether it was to celebrate different festivals, colleagues’ birthdays, and many employee engagement activities as a team which made me collaborate with other team members and enjoy the work even more. 

Mindset has a flexible working policy. Therefore, I had the chance to work from the office or home. Working from home gave me the flexibility to work as needed. However, working from the office gave me more exposure to company initiatives and different teams. My horizons expanded on interacting with each of them personally. 

As a developer, my understanding of corporate life is that employees thrive in an environment that encourages an open and free exchange of ideas, innovations, collaboration, individuality, and diversity. Further, what inspired me to work at Mindset Consulting is learning SAP, which is in demand across multiple industries and LOBs, like Production, Sales, MM (Material Management), Marketing, Accounting, HR (Human Resources), Finance, etc.

Learning never stops in SAP. You can explore new technologies. For example, SAP has Products like ERP and Finance, CRM and Customer Experience, Spend Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management, Business Technology Platform, and so on, and some SAP Industries like Energy and Natural Resources, Finance Services, Customer Industries, Discrete Industries, Services Industries, Public Services and so on. These things made me join Mindset Consulting, a great place to learn and experience SAP and its varied facets.  

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Ajay has been an Associate Developer with Mindset for about a year. He specializes in React.js and is passionate about working on SAP UI5 and React.js. Ajay's hobbies include cricket, table tennis, video games and watching movies and web series.

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