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Announcing SAP AppHaus Design Partnership and Opening of Design Lab in Minneapolis

I’m thrilled to announce the opening of our Mindset Design Lab in the North Loop of Minneapolis in conjunction with us becoming an official SAP AppHaus Design partner!Design Lab

Last year SAP was kind enough to let us use their stunning Hudson Yards NYC AppHaus space for a Design Thinking session we were facilitating with a top SAP FinTech customer. After this session as Dan Flesher, Jen Gnerer and I were sampling some Rum Old Fashioned’s and listening to some Jazz, and we realized that a great creative space can create a far more remarkable experience designing software than typical enterprise conference rooms. And we’re all about creating remarkable experiences!

Design Lab

Since then we went on a hunt for a new space and came across the foundation in our existing building in the North Loop of Minneapolis.

This space was so amazing: 30 foot ceilings, walls of glass, an industrial feel with mixes of cement and brick, and even an existing social space with a kitchen!

After some wild times with our favorite interior designer, Matthew Hodgman, the space has now taken shape!

You can see some (amateur) photos here. (Sorry Matt, I couldn’t wait! Professional shots coming soon ;) )

Design Lab Design Lab Design Lab Design Lab

The space features three collaboration areas, a more private executive briefing room, a kitchen and full bar, a massive projection area, ping pong, mini golf, bag toss, and other games!

We will cater the space with top neighborhood restaurants such as Spyhouse Coffee, Black Sheep Pizza, Parlour Bar, and Bar La Grassa.

Our plan is to use the space on our own for design sessions, but to also share the space with our customer. Customers can either facilitate on their own, or we can assist with Design Thinking coaches, interaction designers, or graphic designers. Pricing begins at $1,500 daily.

For reservations or inquiries please reach out to us here:



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