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SafeTransport for SAP is Introduced by Mindset Software Products

Today, we’re announcing Mindset SafeTransport for SAP.

We’ve all experienced changes as a result of COVID-19.  We’re all living through this the best we possibly can.  Mindset Software Products is a team of remote employees who care about the health and safety of front-line workers during this challenging time and beyond.  We wanted to help however we could.  A way to do our part is by providing SAP-centric solutions to big problems.  Over the past few months, the Mindset Software Products team has been co-innovating a new solution to bring to market with a few of our great Minnesota-based customers.  This product is focused on safety, focused solely on keeping essential employees healthy in their jobs by reducing daily physical interaction with technology.  It just happens to make things more efficient while helping people be safe as well.

SafeTransport for SAP is a cloud solution that Mindset hosts. SafeTransport for SAP allows warehouse clerks interact with transporters of goods (truck drivers) without physical interaction.  Our product focuses on the Check-In and Check-Out procedure that all warehouses and manufacturing plants go through to let trucks into a secure area to get raw materials and finished goods from one place to another safely and securely.  

Linked here are Transit worker COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC:

It is still the reccomendation to do anything possible in the workplace to physically separate people by 6 feet.  Many transport workers do this with plexiglass which makes it harder to interact with passengers.  In our case, we’re not interacting with passengers, but with warehouse workers and truck drivers.  Essential employees to our nation’s transportation of goods.  

Mindset’s SafeTransport application is a very simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy, contactless transportation check-in and check-out tool.  Check out our 10-minute video introducing the key features and functionality below along with our accompanying website: HERE  

For more information, technical architecture, and pricing please contact us!


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As VP of Products at Mindset Consulting, Jon focuses on how organizations can quickly and easily maximize their SAP investments for improved results and happier employee, customer, and user experiences. A known industry thought he is a highly sought-after industry speaker and resource.

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