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6 Tips to stay Energized and Focused while working Remotely

I don’t know about you but there are days when this pandemic gets the best of me. Working from home these past 7 months has really messed with my routine and schedule. Although it’s been nice to have a commute that consists of traveling 20 feet from my bed to my home made office, it can be easy sometimes to fall into a “remote rut”. There are those days when it’s been hard to concentrate when you have distractions going on around your house. Or you have low energy
because you haven’t showered or worked out for weeks.

I thought that after 7 months, I would get used to working remotely and things would get easier. In some ways it has but there are areas where I’m still struggling and this has led me to find ways to stay energized and focused when working from home. With the pandemic still going on, and with no set date yet for things to
return back to normal, I encourage to view my tips below on how to stay energized and focused while working from home.

1. Break a Sweat while working remotely 

This first tip is something I take for granted all the time. I always forgot how much working out or even a 30 minute walk can give me energy and help me stay focused throughout the day. If you find yourself having low energy, consider working out in the morning or even during lunch time. Lifting weights, running, biking, and even walking can help give you energy and even help you manage stress.

2. Plan a Trip

At the beginning of the year, I made plans to go to Utah in April for a long weekend to hike, bike, and enjoy the outdoors. But then Covid-19 struck and my hotel reservations were cancelled and I decided not to go. It wasn’t until July that I finally took time off and went on a trip. Taking time off is important and you can still find ways to safely take trips during this pandemic. Getting away from work for a while can help you come back energized and focused. Don’t let yourself get burned out by staying in one place all year.

3. Switch up your Workplace when remotely working 

Tired of seeing the same 4 walls every day? Is the trip from your bed to your home office becoming mundane? Another tip to staying energized and focused is to switch up where you work. Look for local coffee shops or other places around you that allow people to sit a table for extended periods of time. Stay a couple of hours or even the whole day. If you’re company still has the office open, work there every now and then to change things up.

4. Structure Your Time to make the most of remotely working 

The worst thing you can do is work 8-9 hours straight with no breaks in between. Structuring your time and planning out your day can make a big difference in staying focused. Carve out some time during the day to work out and also for short 15 minute breaks. Scheduling breaks from your computer screen throughout your day can help fight fatigue, protect your eyesight, and help you stay focused for longer.

5. Get involved with the Community

It’s important to get involved in your local community and volunteer. Serving others can help you feel good about yourself and also helps to shut your brain off from work. It’s also essential to do something unrelated to work a few times a month to keep your mind fresh. At Mindset, we have come up with ideas and ways to volunteer in our community despite not being together as a company. We recently introduced a wellness BINGO board which consist of various activities, volunteer ideas, and donation efforts to complete throughout the challenge.

6. Celebrate Your Wins

The last and final tip to stay energized and focused while working from home is to celebrateyour wins. It’s easy to feel separated from your team while working remotely. This can allowbusiness victories to go uncelebrated and even lower morale in the long run. If you noticed a coworker doing a great job, reach out and let them know! This helps everyone to stay focused and energized knowing that their work will be appreciated even though its being done remotely.

I hope these tips have helped you to keep your sanity during this pandemic. It’s important to stay motivated and do everything you can to keep being productive during these uncertain times. What are some tips that you have found to keep you energized and focused while working remotely?


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Austin Kessler has been with Mindset as a Sr. SAP Recruiter since December of 2018, but overall, has 5+ years of recruiting mid-high level ERP professionals. He really enjoys building Mindset Consulting’s network with talented SAP professionals and connecting companies with the best SAP talent based on skillset and culture. While attending Abilene Christian University, Austin played football and was a 4-year letterman. Outside of work, he enjoys mountain biking, hiking, traveling, football, reading, and hanging out with family and friends!

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