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3 Online Alternatives to a Resume

So, you found the perfect job that aligns with your skillset and experiences. You immediately send your beautifully formatted and worded resume to the job listing. Days and weeks go by and you never hear back from the company. Did you do something wrong?

Unfortunately, this is the story of many people who apply online with their resume. I believe the days of the candidate who has the best resume, skillset, and experience get the job are over. The world we live in is ever changing and so is the value of the traditional resume in today’s hiring process. A traditional resume can only get you so far and sometimes, won’t be seen, as manager and recruiters are inundated most the times with hundreds of resumes. The reality is, a resume is becoming much like a business card – everyone has one and it rarely gets you an opportunity.

So how do you make your profile stand out among the hundreds of other resumes and candidates who apply? Below are some great alternatives to help you gain a competitive edge in getting the job you want.

1. Linkedin Profile

Having a strong LinkedIn profile is very critical in helping someone get a job in today’s job market. Think of your LinkedIn profile as your resume but with more color. With a LinkedIn profile, recruiters and managers are able to see your photo, recommendations and endorsements, etc. Checking a candidate’s profile on LinkedIn is one the first things I do when qualifying them for an opportunity. Having a great LinkedIn profile also helps you get noticed by other recruiters who are seeking talent for their open opportunities. According to LinkedIn expert, Viveka von Rosen, 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to find candidates.

2. Video Resume

Video resumes are becoming more popular these days as candidates look for creative ways to showcase not only their list of accomplishments, but their presentation skills and demeanor.

These video resumes function like a pre-interview to help managers better understand the applicant “face to face.” A video interview puts your face in front of your manager and likely ahead of other candidates with traditional resumes. You become a person rather than a piece of paper. At Mindset, we helped a couple of our candidates make video resumes with a tool called Loom. Loom is free for basic videos but will cost a little more if you want to do advanced recording and editing.

3. Personal Website

Having your own website gives you the freedom to include more than you would in a traditional resume. It also lets you go more in-depth and gives you a chance to repeat and expand on your message. If you aren’t tech savvy, is the simplest way to have a personalized and flexible online profile. If you’re a developer, a website is a good place to provide examples of your work or you can add a link to your profile on GitHub.

Hopefully this list of alternatives has given you some good ideas on how to differentiate yourself in a candidate crowded job market. Going that extra mile and using one of these alternatives along with your resume may be the difference in you landing your next gig. What are things you have done to stand out among the crowd when sending your resume? I would love to hear from you!


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Austin Kessler has been with Mindset as a Sr. SAP Recruiter since December of 2018, but overall, has 5+ years of recruiting mid-high level ERP professionals. He really enjoys building Mindset Consulting’s network with talented SAP professionals and connecting companies with the best SAP talent based on skillset and culture. While attending Abilene Christian University, Austin played football and was a 4-year letterman. Outside of work, he enjoys mountain biking, hiking, traveling, football, reading, and hanging out with family and friends!

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