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2021: A Year of Hope and Possibilities

2021 is nearing its end and has been a year of hope and possibilities. We all aspire to do our best in the situations that surround us. This year is marked by the trait of resilience that has allowed us to persevere through these unprecedented times. As individuals, we endeavored for achieving greater heights, whether it is learning a new skill or overcoming hesitation of attempting to explore uncharted paths. As business ventures, companies shaped strategies for growth and profitability in light of the needs of the new economy that heavily focuses on social causes, economic development, global supply chains, environment, and sustainability.     

Mindset Story   

At Mindset, we take pride in serving our customers with world-class UX Design services to enhance the human experience in their use of Technology. 

2021 has been a year of great strides. We have grown our workforce with top talent and investing in our people has been the core focus. The leadership team is constantly thinking of ways to improve employee experience, as that in turn results in a great customer experience

We firmly believe in doing the right thing for our people and our customers. Employee Learning and Development is at the center of the company’s growth strategy. Innovation is fueling our products and services, so we are able to serve our customers better in addressing their business challenges and solve complex problems.

The culture of continuous learning runs deep in the company. We utilize strategies to support employees. Similarly, we encourage them to hone-in their skills and learn new ones. Therefore, we not only encourage, but reward learning a skill or trying new things.   

Sustainability has been the cornerstone of our growth strategy. We see climate change and sustainability as on top of the agenda of issues to address. This is as a result of our customer interactions and assessment of the global issues that confront us. To this end, we have established an in-house competency to support our customers in tackling this important initiative.  

Our AppHaus in Minneapolis is back in action. With utmost focus on people’s safety and following the guidelines, we are able to host customers at the AppHaus to collaborate and build design-driven solutions.   

It is inspiring to see that the trait of resilience can push us forward and helps us overcome the hurdles that are in front of us.

A Big Thank You and Best Wishes   

In conclusion, the Mindset team wishes you and your loved ones best wishes for 2022. May you enjoy good health and happiness in abundance.

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Dinesh Chhabra is a Principal Architect at Mindset. He is an accomplished leader and an expert SAP Solution Architect with a proven track record of successfully delivering SAP enabled solutions for over 25 years, helping customers realize benefits of the digital age. He has extensive industry experience in construction, solar energy, professional services, manufacturing, chemicals. He is a seasoned professional with expertise in the Finance and Accounting domain coupled with a strong background in SAP S/4HANA Finance

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