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10 Years and Growing!!!

Everyone has their own definition of what a successful career looks like.  For some, the perfect job is working with the latest and greatest technology or engaging with industry leading companies.  For others it’s about being able to pursue a career while maintaining a sense of work-life balance. Whatever your definition of the perfect career–you should feel passionate about what you’re doing–if not, it’s just not worth it.

As an SAP Business Partner, Mindset focuses on helping companies drive innovation through their SAP technology.  Work here is more than a job–it’s a passion–and Mindset works hard to ensure that employees are able to succeed in their own way.   We are growing and looking for SAP Professionals with #Passion to join our team.  So, if you are feeling less than passionate about what you are doing, we invite you to check out our amazing career opportunities.

Click on the links below for more information–or feel free to reach out to me directly about what it’s really like to be excited about coming to work each day!

Bobbi Rochlin is Mindset's Sales Director. As a problem-solver, she partners with Mindset's prospects and customers to understand, identify and find answers to their business challenges. She has a passion for developing and maintaining relationships--inside and outside the SAP ecosystem.
More information on Bobbi can be found at

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