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What’s better than Free?

SAP Fiori brings many advantages to SAP-run organizations; increased user adoption, increased employee productivity, simplicity, and a responsive user experience (UX) across an array of devices. As SAP continues to lead customers through digital transformation, there is no question that Fiori applications make a real difference to business processes, and of course, to end user experience.

If your organization is one of roughly 2,000 SAP-run companies that are embracing the modern, intuitive Fiori interface and your end users have easy access to the information that’s most important to their role, you have undoubtedly realized the major impact Fiori has made to your business.

 So, you’ve taken the Fiori plunge & all of your end users are 100x more productive & Fiori has solved all of your company’s problems (okay, okay – Fiori won’t solve every problem, but at least your new millennial employees won’t die on the spot from lack of smart-device usage)… but your organization is probably asking, how can IT and/or business leaders actually quantify the impact of the Fiori applications?

During any major digital transformation, organizational leaders tend to say, “show me the money”, whereas IT leaders tend to have a “show me the data” mentality… Mindset Consulting took both equally important mindsets (see what I did there?) and used them to develop a particularly handy tool to satisfy both sides of the IT/business coin; the Mindset App Analyzer for SAP Fiori.

Our App Analyzer for SAP Fiori is an S/4HANA tile-based dashboard and it offers the ability to see real-time insights on the performance and usage of your Fiori applications. Key data that is captured by the App Analyzer includes loading times, average session length, devices in use, # of users on the system, and top system errors. Mindset’s App Analyzer is easily customizable so you can arrange the tiles to display the information that you want to see.

 With real-time awareness of your SAP Fiori performance, you can determine with a new level of understanding where performance issues lie, and prioritize your next set of updates.

 Oh, and you might be questioning why I titled my blog, “What’s better than free?”… well, the word FREE always draws in readers similar to how free food samples make Costco the most packed place on earth each weekend (yet there I am every Sunday waiting in line for a taste of Costco’s premade dips that are incredible, but I know I can’t buy because I’ll eat the whole industrial size, 12,000 calorie container of dip in 1 sitting) …but also, as the nation’s leading UX & Design partner, Mindset is pleased to offer the base version of the App Analyzer for Fiori completely free.

 If my captivating writing & lame jokes are all you need to get started monitoring your SAP Fiori performance, use this link to access the FREE download of the Mindset App Analyzer for Fiori. If you have questions or would like to speak directly with the Mindset App Analyzer developer/Principal UX Architect with 15 years of SAP experience, Jonathan Bragg, please give me a shout.


Molly Miesen works in Client Services at Mindset Consulting with a focus on assisting new clients to identify their preferences & facilitating the process of fulfilling their needs & requirements. Molly has years of experience in ERP implementation prior to joining Mindset, and what she values most about her current role is working with the top SAP experts that truly create a beautiful SAP user experience. Outside of work, Molly enjoys trying out new restaurant experiences, exploring new cities, spending time with her family, and reading books to her 2 year old daughter, Lucy.

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