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Sprint Review

Sprint Review is an Important ceremony of the Scrum framework. It focuses on the development and delivery of shippable product during the sprint. Scrum discusses the Sprint backlog completion, demos the shippable product or product Increment, and collects feedback. The primary objective of the sprint review is to Inspect and adapt based on the discussion with diverse stakeholders.

Who are a part of the Sprint Review & Why?

Scrum invites stakeholders, Users, Customers, Affected departments (e.g., Marketing, Finance, Customer Support), Security, IT, and Senior Managers to provide feedback. This enables Scrum teams to leave no stone unturned and get 360-degree feedback. Participation is vital for product success. Therefore, we encourage Maximum Participation. 

How long do the sprint reviews last?

Sprint reviews are a time-boxed event. They typically last for two hours for a two-week Sprint and a Maximum of four hours for a four-week sprint.

What Happens in a Sprint Review?

  • Start the Sprint Review by going through the Sprint Goal and Product Vision “Why are we doing this?”, “What Value does it add?” 
  • Development Team Demonstrates “done” increment, confirms whether acceptance criteria are met by Stakeholders/Product Owner, and requests feedback, if any.
  • The Product Owner/Stakeholder shares the feedback, which is documented in the backlog.
  • The Product Owner reviews the Product backlog and Release timelines based on the progress.
  • Scrum Team
    • Reviews the timeline, Impediments
    • Discuss what value the increment and future release might add to the product.
    • Collaborates by collecting input for future sprints


  • Verify the environment, connection to the App server, and database are all up and running before the demo 
  • Coordinate within the team to ensure User Stories are sequenced and are in alignment with the sprint goals
  • Record the session, if possible, by seeking the Product Owner’s & other stakeholders’ permission
  • Strictly adhere to the time and allow others to provide feedback


  • Don’t deviate from the Sprint Goal and Sprint Increment
  • Don’t be late to the demo; join on time

 To conclude, Sprint Reviews are a vital part of the Scrum Framework. 

  1. They are a time-boxed event.
  2. Each Sprint output has a shippable product/product increment that aligns with the long-term product vision.
  3. Reviews provide a mechanism for Inspecting & Adopting at regular intervals to improve the effectiveness of the Scrum, Scrum team & delivery. 
  4. Also, this enables better collaboration within teams and maximizes value.
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