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Finally Shut Down SAP Portal — Launch SAPGUI for Windows from SAP Fiori

After starting out my career as an SAP Portal Developer, I will always have fond memories of the platform. However, after over a decade of experience in the SAP world consulting for dozens of fortune 500 companies, I have finally come to realize most organizations don’t really use the Portal for what it was intended. Most use it simply to provide Single Sign-On (SSO) to SAPGUI for Windows.

In this blog I’m sharing a new SAP Fiori app we wrote (very beta) that can launch all of your SAPGUI Windows t-codes with SSO to any backend system, right from your Fiori Launchpad.

Fiori Launchpad T-Code Launcher

See the new tile on your launchpad that shows your t-code count available. Click that and it launches the app.


Fiori - Launch SAPGUI Windows T-codes
Notice on the left, you can search all t-codes (we default it to favorites, but it can be extended of course). Also, we use multi-origin Gateway service to grab t-codes from all back-end systems, not just a single one.
On the bottom, notice the Launch SAPGUI button. Click that.
Fiori - Launch SAPGUI

Click the link that shows up at the bottom.

QM01 - Create Notification

Notice that now we are logged in directly to the t-code without any prompt for username / password.

Hopefully with this — we can all finally get closer to making the move to SAP Fiori.

If you like what you see , please see our Fiori implementation package here:



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