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Why to Get Your SAP Talent from a Local MN SAP Partner

The continuous hunt for great talent is central to the success of all SAP implementations.

In the over hundred SAP Projects I have been involved over the last couple decades, there is one consistent pattern that has emerged: There are a few awesome individuals that carry the weight of the entire project on their shoulders. These individuals do not show up from a job posting, a LinkedIn search, and they don’t reveal themselves in an interview, but they are the absolute key.  They are “known” to the right people in the SAP community — those that have put in the time and effort and focus, and developed a reputation of trust. I’ve personally interviewed over 1000 SAP resources in MN (that’s a lot of coffee!), worked with many hundreds of others, and my team of 6 MN-based SAP talent managers have built that community into many thousand more. Identifying, engaging, training, and serving this community is at the core of Mindset’s value. (Google our ASUG history, presentations, SAP Press Books, blogs, meet-ups, seminars, training, white papers, and more, you won’t be disappointed).

So that’s the key! :)

But here are 5 more great reasons:

  1. Being an SAP Partner is earned through years of dedication and focus on a single competency. This focus yields incredible ability to deliver consistent quality that a generalist would never have. (i.e. SAP is SUPER complicated)
  2. We are #MNnice
  3. No travel costs! A consultant coming in from New York will cost an additional $1000 a week, or $52,000 a year! Plus they will lose at least a day onsite every week.
  4. All of the money you pay stays in your community! Our kids go to the same schools as yours, we drive the same roads and no, we don’t have our company located in an off-shore tax haven (hint hint ALL SI’s).
  5. Reputation is everything. We plan to stay in the community for forever. One mistake, and we would destroy that reputation, so quality is key.



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