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Rise with SAP

SAP announced its ‘Rise with SAP’ program in January 2021, proposing a simplified transition for the digital enterprise to the cloud through a comprehensive solution package that includes SAP S/4 HANA, cloud infrastructure and associated services. In the words of SAP CEO Christian Klein, this is SAP offering ‘Business Transformation as a Service’.

The ‘Rise’ program, as it’s more affectionately called, is primarily aimed at businesses, including existing SAP customers, who have been reluctant to transition from an on-premise environment to the cloud. This reluctance could stem from a variety of reasons including inability to allocate upfront capital expenditure budgets or the lack of trusted service partners to guide them through such a transition.

With the “Rise” program, SAP aims to address all of these customer pain points and more. Let’s examine how.

What Does Digital Transformation as a Service Mean?

As SAP puts it, the Rise with SAP program is a package deal that offers ‘customers at all stages of digital transformation, a completely new way to redesign processes for better business outcomes”.

SAP also realizes that customers need support on several fronts: Before adopting a new ERP, they need to examine their current ways of doing business and weed out inefficiencies. To help customers through this phase, the Rise program offers organizations Process Discovery tools to gain insights into their current processes and identify key challenges & mapping solutions for improvement.

Any movement from an existing IT environment to another requires a host of services and tools to ensure business continuity with efficacy. These include advisory and implementation services to start with, followed by specific tools and strategy related to data migration and adoption of advanced analytics. SAP, with its partners, combines all these into a simplified offering that gives organizations a single-window access to achieve mainstream success with zero economic imbalances. keep costs low with an unwavering focus on execution.

The Rise program caps this package off by offering a starter SAP Business Network package that helps companies expand core ERP processes beyond their enterprise walls and interact with external business partners such as suppliers, customers and transporters. By participating in such a network, organizations can bring about unprecedented efficiency in execution by cutting down on communication overheads with their business partners.

As is evident, with this program, SAP helps organizations explore new innovative ways of doing business and thus staying ahead of the game. It provides solutions with the necessary tools for digital transformation in a single package.

From a commercial and cost point of view, the program is structured to minimize the pseudo cost to organizations. This fits very well with the migration to the cloud and adopting a subscription-based licensing approach, giving businesses the option to reclassify their IT costs as operational expenditure as opposed to the classical capital expenditure model that was prevalent in the era of on-premise computing.Rise with SAP

Who Benefits from this Program?

This actually depends on the version of SAP you are using. The Rise with SAP program is primarily aimed at companies running their enterprise computing infrastructure on premise, but also extends its benefits to companies that are on the cloud with a lesser efficiency threshold.

For instance, if you are already using SAP S/4HANA cloud platform, the benefits for you will be incremental. However, if you are on the ECC6.0 platform then this program brings you a wide set of innovative possibilities that could result in significant cost savings for your organization.

Rise with SAP and Mindset

Mindset is geared to work with organizations under the framework of the “Rise” program. With deep domain expertise, Mindset has a credible background in helping organizations uncover business inefficiencies and redesign their processes. Furthermore, we help them align & achieve the organizational objectives at optimal cost.

It is natural for organizations to find themselves in a situation of indecisiveness on progression with SAP S/4 HANA cloud and we understand the difficulties that this decision process usually entails.

Our program is designed precisely for such organizations and our objective is to guide them through every step of this exercise as a trusted partner. We start by developing a deep understanding of your business and its objectives. We then use our expertise in Design Thinking and SAP S/4HANA to devise a strategy for a comprehensive digital transformation strategy.

As a seasoned SAP Services and AppHaus partner, Mindset combines its Design Thinking expertise with a deep understanding of User Experience (UX) to maximize your financial and operational efficiency. Whether it is a new implementation or an upgrade project, Mindset uses an approach that deconstructs complexities around your business processes and adopts a user-first approach to drive a successful implementation that leads to increased user adoption.

As recommended by the Rise program, our engagements start with a process and system audit, the result of which forms the backbone for the following phases of the transformation process. At every step, we work with the business leadership, key stakeholders, and involve key users and influencers to ensure the transformation project concludes successfully.

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Impact of the Program on SAP Clients

At Mindset, our mission has been to help our customers navigate and transform their digital journey. We use our strengths in Design Thinking and User Experience to guide organizations & help them approach their problems and digital transformation differently.

It is our experience-driven approach that allows us to usher transformational changes seamlessly and this is what makes us the partner of choice for our customers. Adding to this, our SAP AppHaus membership and you, have yourself the perfect partner to handhold you throughout the digital transformation journey.

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Adam Anderson is Mindset Consulting’s Managing Director of SAP, Managed Services, & Delivery Excellence. He's held executive leadership roles both in consulting and in industry throughout his career and a former SAP Customer Advisory Council member for SAP S/4HANA Cloud and holds certifications as an SAP Solution Architect and Systems Integration & Technology Delivery Lead. His passion is driving business innovation through business-led, technology enabled solutions via a simple, standard, and efficient mindset. Adam lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife and three children, and can often be found ferrying the family around to baton twirling competitions and football games.

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