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Mindset’s view to Delivery Excellence

With as many consulting companies as there are out there, few find long-term success without achieving a certain level of service superiority amongst their competitors. Consultancies focus on bringing different value propositions to their clients which can vary from price point, diversity of services, depth of technical expertise, or industry specialization. But without that “special sauce” of actually being able to execute the project at hand, it can be difficult to communicate to clients how you can execute a client’s project better than the next guy.

So how does Mindset view and value delivery excellence? What does it mean to achieve excellence in project delivery?

To be fair, the last question is sort of a tricky one. While a company can certainly reach a particular level of success in its industry, the true definition of “excellence” when it comes to project execution and delivery is constantly changing to align with market trends, industry growth, and evolving customer needs, amongst other things.

At Mindset, as we set and reach defined milestones of success, we are always looking for new ways to differentiate ourselves from the competition and bring more value to the table for our clients. The following details are just a few of the ways that Mindset strives towards the moving target of achieving delivery excellence.

Optimize the delivery organization

Continually optimizing our delivery organization means building and aligning teams to be able to do what they do best. Although we specialize in SAP, the Mindset team has a diverse set of software development skills that allows us to think creatively to solve customer problems. By building project teams with our strengths in mind (while being aware of our weaknesses!), we can set ourselves up realistically to be most successful in reaching our goals.

Build a foundation of Agile leadership

Most customer projects that Mindset takes on are designed to be rooted in Agile methodology. We aim to use Agile best practices whenever possible to accomplish our work as we’ve found that sets the best likelihood for project success. By continuing to train all of our people in Agile, not only can we deliver projects at high levels of efficiency and effectiveness, but we can serve as a thought-leader and coach customers along the way so that they can realize the benefits of Agile development in their future work as well.

Be open to new ways to accomplish goals

While Mindset certainly prefers to implement Agile best practices as a means to deliver our project work, this is by no means an “end all, be all” approach. Many customers are in the early stages of their Agile transformations (or not quite there at all yet), so the ability to adapt to specific situations and work with the client team within their current development infrastructure is key. Whether it’s “pure Agile” or “Agile-ish”, flexibility in how you aim to accomplish the project’s goals is the best way to ensure success. It’s an added bonus for the customer, too, when they are able to leverage a project’s learnings on how to improve Agile development in their unique environment on other initiatives.

Focus on value, not on profit

Customer value and quality should always be prioritized over revenue, profits, or margin. Even though there might be a way to “stretch” a project out and have it be more lucrative for your business, focusing on bringing value quickly and effectively and having it be at the core of a project’s goals is always going to provide a better experience for the customer, leading to a better relationship overall and higher likelihood of winning opportunities in the future.

All of these factors play a direct role in improved project outcomes – whether that’s cost, schedule, or quality. At the end of the day, the goal of delivery excellence is fairly simple: unmatched, best-in-class customer service. All customers want the best project quality, at the right price, delivered on time, and at Mindset, we work to keep these factors front of mind.

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Marin Baltes is Director of Operations at Mindset. Her main role is to put a support structure in place at each of our Solutions clients to ensure teams have everything they need to make their project a success. Marin brings a wealth of experience from both consulting and industry to the table, priding herself on having the ability to clearly communicate and empathize with our clients to make sure their goals, expectations, and logistical considerations are all in alignment. When she's not in the office, you can find Marin traveling, doing yoga, and spending time with her family.

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