Mindset helps elevate SAP environments to meet today's demands

Designed for SAP development and operations environments, we offer a path to the next level of innovation and industry standard practices within existing SAP environments.

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DevOps Solutions

Mindset DevOps offers a set of services designed for your development and operations team. We work alongside your team to get an expert view of current capabilities and offer a pathway to what’s possible for SAP organizations. If your team needs a review of where the industry is, new methods to approach increasingly complex industry standard practices, or support in implementing DevOps practice and technology, we can help.

Assessment and advisory

An expert view of your current capabilities and a roadmap to what’s possible. We work with you to understand where you are based on our experience working with SAP and non-SAP development and operations teams across the spectrum of DevOps adoption. Together, we develop a vision of where you want to go, and a plan for getting there.

Development Improvement

Help for SAP teams searching for new methods to meet today’s demands. Once you know your destination, we work with you to take the steps along the path of DevOps adoption. From first steps implementing modern distributed version control for ABAP, through cloud-based development with fully automated testing and code promotion in a containerized landscape, we can work with your teams to get it done.

Project Adoption

Technology and coaching support for Fiori and S/4 implementation projects with Mindset. Mindset already includes many DevOps concepts in our Fiori and S/4 implementation methodology, but most aspects of DevOps require technology support that may not exist in every customer’s systems. This project add-on gets the basics of continuous integration technology in place so that Mindset and customer project teams can deliver the most value possible.

Let’s make your SAP better, together.

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