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Mindset Recruiting Tips: Finding the Right “Fit”

The right fit is something that we talk about a lot in the recruiting world.  It’s really important that as a candidate, you find a role that aligns well with what you’re looking for in a position as well as who you Recruitingare as a person.  It’s also critical that a company finds a candidate that fits as well as possible with their organization. Today I’m going to focus on “fit” from the candidates’ perspective.

To understand what will be a good fit for you, you first must understand what’s most important to you. This is going to look different for everyone since we all value different things.

Below are a list of areas to consider when thinking about what is important to you in a job:

  • Day to day role: What is the project or tasks that you will be working on?  What will daily life look like in this position? Is the work exciting to you?
  • Your professional goals: Will this role get you there or get you closer?  Are you learning new skills or taking on new responsibilities in the position that will build your resume?
  • Compensation: This one speaks for itself.
  • Lifestyle: What does the work/life balance look like in the role?  Will you be traveling? Working remotely? etc.
  • People/the boss: Do you like who you’ve met at the company?  Can you picture yourself working with them? Does your potential boss’s managerial and communication style seem to match your needs?
  • Company values: Do you believe in the company?  Are you excited about the work that they do and how they do it?

You should be doing some research and using your interview to answer some of these questions.  The interview isn’t just for the company to interrogate you. As a candidate, you should be “interviewing” them too.

Once you have a decent picture of the company and the role, it’s time to make a decision.  I think about watching “House Hunters,” when the people looking for a new home have a huge wish list of everything they want in a house.  Usually, it isn’t possible to check off every single box, but when you prioritize the top two or three things that are most important to you, it is easier to meet those expectations.  The same can be true when job searching and looking for the right fit. Decide which areas mean to most to you and use those to determine whether a job is right for you. Sometimes you may have to make concessions in some areas in order to get more in others, but if they trade off is right then it can be a happy compromise.

If you’re working with a recruiter (and if you’re in the SAP world, we at Mindset would love to work with you) it’s a great idea to discuss these things with them.  The recruiter should be able to bring you more relevant opportunities based on what is important to you. As a recruiter, it is always my goal to find the candidates I work with the best fit possible for them.


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Libby Kessler is the Director of Recruiting at Mindset with over 9 years of technical recruiting experience. She loves being a part of a growing organization in the SAP space, and she enjoys building relationships and working with the SAP talent community. Libby recruits for the Consulting Services Team, the Solutions Team, and internally for Mindset. Outside of work, she is a new mama to her son, Carter. She loves spending time with friends and family, yoga, and getting outside!

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