Sapphire Now Preview: What the Mindset Team is Watching For

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Want to know what the Mindset team is watching for at Sapphire? Our internal experts got together and came up with this list of what we are watching for:

1. BTP:

  • We are anticipating a major focus on BTP. Customers have multiple options from an integration perspective that are much cheaper and simpler to implement and BTP appears to be the answer to that. We imagine some sort of campaign/incentive to get upper mid-market and large enterprise to leverage the solution.  We are also interested in the onboarding story. 
  • BTP expectations for Mindset’s Software products: As Software producers ourselves its our expectation that our SAP solutions can be built, hosted, installed, and supported in a quicker/easier fashion when customers adopt BTP.  In my mind, if we’re not trying to install software into a ECC or S/4 on premise system any longer, then the adoption of innovative products can happen at a much higher rate when using BTP products.
  • BTP as a platform has multiple components. Many Chief Enterprise Architects are looking at the benefit of each component vs. a technology from a different company. We hope to see success stories for each component of BTP.
  • The concern side of BTP is: How real is it?  How can SAP show us they’re ready for this to be the only path forward for customers and does it work well now. Additionally SAP needs to do more work on APIs and showcasing how you can see profitability.

2. S/4:

  • Adoption Incentives? We are expecting that there may be some sort of announcement that will expand services to incentivize customers to adopt the new S/4 solution sooner rather than later.
  • Expanded Intelligent Enterprise: We also believe there will be a strong emphasis on expanding the Intelligent Enterprise capabilities of S/4.  
  • CFIN: A roadmap for Central Finance Adoption.

3. Rise:

  • Curiosity around RISE: While we expect SAP to talk a lot about it, we have some curiosity about it. We are not sure many customers (esp large ones) actually care about it. Without a clear success story it’s hard to see it’s staying power. Many large customers already have the dedicated support from SAP in their transformation journey. The big question is how is “Rise” going to impact them?

4. Learning Hub:

  • Watching for Improvements in Learning hub and a cost reduction in certification.

5. Collaborative Documentation: 

  • Hope to hear more about Collaborative Documentation-Our developers are stoked about the idea of that.  (source Ethan)

6. Analytics, Datawarehousing, Data Integration and Kyma: 

  • What else we hope to hear: What is next in Analytics, Datawarehousing and Data Integration, also Kyma (source Ethan) 

7. SAP Partner evolution: 

  • Clarification on the role of partners. SIs are negatively impacted with the roll out of RISE. Other indications that the partner relationships are evolving include paid mentoring from SAP and being cut off from CEIs. On the face of it seems like SAP may not be as committed to partners as they once were. 

8. Hybrid Work

  • Hybrid Work: We believe there will be some sort of messaging around remote/hybrid collaboration with SAP, its partners, and the customers. Coming out of COVID is challenging for everyone and there are many people/customers who are struggling with what the “new normal” will look like. We believe SAP will want a voice in that discussion.

9. Apphaus Partners

  • AppHaus Partners:  There is an opportunity for SAP to collaborate more with AppHaus partners and engage them in the S/4 space to create impactful user-experience. We believe SAP might make some announcements around how customers could benefit more from AppHaus.


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