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Enterprise Sustainability Roundtable

November 5 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

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Enterprise Sustainability Roundtable


Welcome to the inaugural Sustainability Virtual Roundtable event where we explore and dive into various topics around the entire Sustainability experience.
Some topics for our discussion include:

  • Environmental Social Governance
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG)
  • Managing Sustainability in an organization running SAP
  • SAP Solutions, BTP solutions, Data Integration, and Compliance & Integrated Reporting.

Mindset’s Roundtable are free-flowing conversations between SAP practitioners hosted by Mindset Consulting. While we provide the platform, conversation starters, and insight from our experience, the conversation is meant to be for SAP practitioners and those who manage SAP teams and processes. Therefore, we keep formal presentations to an absolute minimum to provide ample time for discussion.

Some potential questions to consider/ponder prior to attending the roundtable:

  • Partnering and Collaborating with vendors, customers
  • Integrating Data (Life Cycle Assessment LCA DB, disparate sources, on premise & Cloud)
  • Measuring and Monitoring CO2e within your Business and SAP process
  • Aligning to various governing standards, measures, frameworks and Methodologies
  • Enabling Reporting & Analytics, Dashboards, and Sustainability X
  • Sustainability at SAP shops


We have a 1.5 hour agenda scheduled. We will minimize presentation time and maximize discussion. The format will be open discussion in a round-robin format punctuated by prompts and surveys to drive the discussion topics and keep discussion lively.

Who should attend:

– Sustainability Leaders in enterprise

– Compliance Leaders

– SAP Technologist and leaders

– SAP Applications and Operations

*Mindset’s Roundtables are technically focused conversations designed for SAP Users and experts. Please be aware that vendors and salespeople will be removed from registration in advance of the session. Thank you for your understanding.

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Edmund Manrique
Principal Architect, Sustainability @Mindset Consulting
As a Principal Architect at Mindset, I have embarked on one of the most exciting, challenging, daunting, and noble initiatives I have ever done. For most of 2021, I have focused my energies and background around Enterprise Strategy & Operations, Data & Product Management, Research & Academia, and SAP innovation on helping make organizations more SUSTAINABLE. I want to collaborate with my friends, colleagues, customers, students, the United Nations, and all the global communities on this Sustainability Experience. Please see some of the steps we are taking and I seek your participation and collaboration in this critical journey.


November 5
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Let’s make your SAP better, together.

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